We make installing solar on your home easy. The same in house team of professions install systems of over 400 KW right through to smaller residential systems. This means you will get the job done right and the final installation is guaranteed to exceed industry requirements meeting the most strict electrical engineering demands.


In turn we guarantee a long lasting installation that will save you money well into the future!

* We guarantee our workmanship for 10 YEARS!

  • Easy no pressure consultation from locals.
  • Operating since 2014 with a long list of happy customers and quality work
  • No contractors guaranteed! Only certified and experienced in house staff. 


Residential Solar

Hemisphere Solar is your one stop shop for all things renewable! Our experienced team can provide you with a complete report showing how your new investment will look on your roof right through to an in depth return on investment report. We believe in quality and doing things once! this is why we are still here. Have an obligation free chat with one of our representatives.

Why choose Hemisphere Solar?

  • No obligation site quotes available!

  • Free comprehensive site reports allowing you to consider all the facts prior to proceeding.
  • Deal with the one Hemisphere Solar representative the whole way through the process. From quotation through to completion!

  • Local Solar installer, fast and effective service and support. 

  • In House CEC certified installers guaranteeing quality fitment and a long lasting solar installation.

  • Easy finance available through one of our reputable lenders! 

Our Easy No Pressure Consultation Service

  1. Obligation free information via phone or email on initial enquiry. 

  2. If you are interested in proceeding further we offer a free site consultation with no strings. This is where we will inspect your property and make sure it is Solar ready. We are also an open book and can show you in detail the ins and outs of both your investment and rebates. 
  3. Your personal representative will then provide a comprehensive detailed report and final estimate. This will be a guaranteed price for a 30 day period based on current industry rebates [STC's]. 

The best part is we don't sneak in extra charges and you will know exactly how much the system will cost installed with no variations! We also do not hound our customers with follow up calls or pressure once the free quote is provided.


We know that if you are comfortable with our services, pricing, product and reputation you will call us when you are ready to start saving money!


  • Local Australian support. This is crucial when looking to invest in your home. If you ever need support or are in need of making a warranty claim you will have local representation for your product. Another key point is when a manufacturer takes the time to invest in a local Australian office this means that they are invested in the market and are here to stay.

  • More often than not the lower end of product will pull out of the market due to poor quality, lack of support and warranty issues within a short time period. This makes investing in non Australian supported product a risk that could cost you thousands down the road if you ever experience a hardware issue.

  • Performance figures and product degradation. Like any electrical product that is exposed to the sun solar panels will degrade over time. This is why manufacturers must meet CEC minimums for their secondary performance guarantee of a minimum of 25 years. Not only does this help to keep poorly made product from being imported into Australia and ending up as landfill this also helps to assist the buyer with guarantees of performance drops within the systems lifespan. You will notice that our carefully selected solar panels come with a minimum guarantee of 85% over a 25 year period. We don’t gamble with our products and you should not either!

  • Important note re 25 year guarantee: While it is a great concept that manufacturers must meet the 25 year guarantee we have still seen some less than sub par quality panels hit the Australian market. Generally, these panels are offered within packages which are at a fraction of the cost when comparing to local established businesses. Just like a used car, if it is cheap there is generally a reason! Sometimes paying under $4,000.00 for a 6.6kw system seems like a great idea, however. As the saying goes, save now pay later!

  • Panel performance. Different panels / Manufacturers have to include information on their cell efficiency testing. These tests are completed by industry regulators and information is widely available on the internet. Generally, the more efficient a panel cell is the more costly the panels are. This along with parts warranty variance is why you pay more for certain products. Panel efficiency is put down to technology type used, manufacturing techniques and quality of cell material.

  • No deposit easy cash flow positive finance!
  • Easy straight to the point detailed estimate and proposal.
  • Low 7.9% Interest Rate 
  • Apply today for your pre approval

Low Interest Residential Finance

Hemisphere Solar has partnered up with Brighte to offer transparent finance through the "Brighte Green Loan service"

Brighte specialise in providing honest and up front residential solar packages at a super low rate of 7.99%. Everything from fee's and charges through to terms of your finance package is clearly market out and our team of consultants make the process easy for you. 

Financing your installation can be a great way to kick start your solar savings without spending a cent up front.

Obtain a quality installation for as little as $21.50 Per week!


T@C apply and can be discussed at time of estimate. Financed rate is based on a 7 year term system valued at $6,000. Packages and finance can be customised to suit the customers requirements.   

Why choose Brighte Green Loan as your lender?

  • Easy application process with pre approvals available. 

  • Same day response with quick installation turn around with Hemisphere Solar. 
  • Transparent finance packages with no hidden charges or fees. Everything is up front!

  • Excellent rates compatible to the big banks but without the need for in depth applications and financials.

  • Customise your repayment terms based on your individual needs! 

  • Understanding and flexibility! coverage for financial hardship and more! 

Speak with one of our friendly Hemisphere staff members for your FREE estimate and site consultation. 

  • Quality Solar Systems 
  • Up front transparent information
  • Pick the right system for your budget and needs
  • Complicated install? we love a challenge!
  • Experienced 100% Local team! We look after our neighbours. 



When assembling the packages, we have taken into consideration product warranty, panel efficiency levels, inverter efficiency levels, brand name recognition, local manufacturer support, build quality and aesthetics along with included features. The high performance packages offer performance above industry standards, excellent warranties and use the latest technologies giving the customer maximised returns and a shorter return on investment.  

Things to consider and possible extras!

SHADING ISSUES ON LOCATION? Hemisphere Solar will only complete an installation when we are sure the system will return the results indicated. If you have any shading issues at your home or business we highly recommend installing optimiser's to your panels. To understand how optimiser's work please have a look at our check the facts page and watch the included video. Installing solar in a shaded area is as pointless as installing wheels on your car without tyres, it doesnt make sense!

Why Install Solar? 

We are lucky enough to live in one of the best states in Australia! Sunlight is in abundance for most of the year and solar systems love it! 

If you are paying an energy bill it is easy to justify installing solar. Reduce your carbon foot print, invest in your homes value and put more money back into your pocket! 

"Most residential solar systems will return their investment within 3 years"! 

It just makes sense! 

  • Avoid picking the wrong product for your investment. 
  • Honest information provided on all product
  • Pick the right system for your budget and needs


What manufacturers of solar panel and inverter technology should you trust?

This is a very valid question and one that is asked by every customer. With the amount of manufacturers on the market and product flooding into the industry it can be very confusing to make a choice with confidence. This is where Hemisphere Solar can help! We have been in the industry for a long time now and have seen the comings and goings of both solar installers and products. This gives us the competitive edge as we know what products to back! 

Most importantly the things you need to consider at time of quotation are the following. 

  • Does the solar panel or Inverter manufacturer have a good reputation in the market, what do the online reviews say? 

  • Does the manufacturer have a good support network within Australia and where are their distributorships? 

  • What are the efficiency ratings of the product? will they work efficiently? 

  • What are the terms of their warranty? are they well backed or are their grey areas within their policy? 

These are just a few key points which should count towards your solar investment decision. If you would like to discuss any of these topics with Hemisphere please feel free to contact as anytime. 

Why choose Hemisphere Solar?

  • No obligation site quotes available!

  • Free comprehensive site reports allowing you to consider all the facts prior to proceeding. Reports availible for ROI, Design, Environmental benefits and Lease or Finance Benifits. 
  • Deal with the one Hemisphere Solar representative the whole way through the process. From quotation through to completion! Unlike online retailers we don't waste our customers time!

  • Local Solar installer, fast and effective service and support. 

  • In House CEC certified installers guaranteeing quality fitment and a long lasting solar installation.

  • Easy finance available through one of our reputable lenders. Cashflow positive options through equipment finance, Lease, Rent to own and more! Let is tailor make a package to suit your specific needs!

"I would recommend  Hemisphere Electrical and Solar who provided us with a system which was installed on time and at a very competitive price. Brad is a very reliable and affordable electrician.  We were impressed with how thorough, authentic and professional Brad is, as well as very friendly. Thank you Hemisphere Electrical and Solar!"

"We used Brad from Hemisphere Electrical & Solar.  He is very professional and extremely reliable.  We got solar on our new home (very happy) and Brad was able to fix up some mistakes made by our previous electrician."

What a legendary service and team! We are so happy and grateful that our restaurant is in good hands. They are all professional, friendly, super skilled, on time and honest. There is no one else we'd trust (if I could give a 10 out of 5 I would!!!)



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