Residential Solar

Hemisphere Electrical and Solar is the leading installer of quality solar power systems across the east coast of Australia. We provide solar panel system solutions for homes and businesses across the Wide Bay to Brisbane and as far up as Cairns in Queensland.

We have a quality first approach to the solar panel products we select for our clients and back this up with first class customised design, the highest standard of solar installation and dedicated after sales service.

We know purchasing solar panels or a solar power system can be a big decision. We are renowned in the solar power industry for our no pressure, consultative and informative approach in helping our clients understand exactly what installing a solar pv system can do for their electricity bills.


Rooftop Solar example


Hemisphere Electrical and Solar’s consultative approach involves taking a holistic look at reducing your electricity and energy spend.

Whether it’s designing your solar power system to be “battery ready” for battery storage solutions coming to the market like the Tesla Powerwall or recommending the correct electricity tariff to suit your electricity consumption, Hemisphere Electrical and Solar will help you reduce your electricity spend now and into the future.

The Wide Bay to Brisbane are amongst the best places in the world to take advantage of the new technology such as solar power and battery storage driving the revolution of the energy industry


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